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Review Of Vegetarian Cooking Schools


Vegetarian cooking schools offer individuals the opportunity to learn more about vegetarian cooking or even to become a professional in the field.

The first vegetarian cooking school is The School of Natural Cookery. This school offers the opportunity to become a professional, to be a home cook, or to take specialty classes. This schools philosophy is to bring together plant based cooking in a unique way, so that individuals do not have to memorize recipes. Instead, individuals learn to cook intuitively with whatever ingredients are available. They call this the Language of Cooking. Individuals looking to become a professional vegetarian cook take four levels of classes. They are a foundation course, a personal chef course, a teacher training course, and a mastering vegan pastry course. For the home cook, the only course available is the Language of Cooking course. This is achieved in three parts, a knife skills section, and an intensives section. The specialty classes are limited. They offer living foods, cooking from the inside out, and fruit and vegetable garnishing and sculpting.

The second vegetarian cooking school is the Natural Gourmet Institute. This vegetarian cooking school offers a chef’s training program, and public classes. The chef’s training program is designed to help individuals gain more awareness of food that is health supportive. They do this by giving individuals the necessary culinary skills, as well as the information to make healthy choices. This program gives individuals the opportunity to go into many fields such as health spas, restaurants, bakeries, private cooking, catering, teaching, consulting, and food writing. Tuition for the chef’s training program is $18,850 for the entire program. For their public classes, the Natural Gourmet Institute gives of the same philosophy to be more aware of food that is health supportive. They do this by offering a variety of specialty classes ranging from food specific to age specific, including ones on pastry and dessert making. They offer lectures and demonstrations, and cooking retreats.

The third vegetarian cooking school is Compassionate Cooks. This school offers the opportunity to learn more about making informed food choices, and to ridding the myths about vegetarianism and animal rights. This school offers classes, dvds, essays, articles, lectures, podcasts, and work shops. They offer one time classes, special classes, and class packages. For the one time class there is a registration fee of $45. The class package is three classes for a price of $130 plus a $3 food fee for each class. They offer different recipes and essays to make individuals more aware of vegetarianism.

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